The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles. (Hahnemann)
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Cancer Therapy


Cancer really could be considered the plague of our times. In order to successfully treat patients with this condition one has to not only fully understand this disease but one needs to understand disease per se. From a classical homoeopathic perspective, one would have to agree with most aspects of the orthodox or mainstream way to classify cancer growths, however one would have to disagree with the orthodox understanding of disease itself.
Homoeopathy embraces the fact that we as humans are an integrated part of nature. From a classical homoeopathic perspective, we as humans coexist as a part of nature in the respect that nothing that comes from nature or that is formed by nature is to be regarded as wrong, as aberrated, or as distorted and in need of fixing. This is the point where classical homoeopathy differs from the orthodox school of thought.
The plague of cancer that we are encountering these days is a consequential product of what has happened previously on a personal and collective level. Previous events on a personal level would include life style choices, exposures to certain substances and agents, as well as therapeutic choices. Previous events on a collective level would include the above over a period of many generations, with the individual being the heir of those previous generations. Nature will always take a corrective course to undo wrong turns and align again with harmony. This corrective course can be seen on all levels of existence and probably environmental and societal events may be the most well known events to the reader. Nothing that nature brings forward needs correction, aberration or fixing. On the contrary, whatever nature brings forward needs to be understood as the current remedy of choice to regain harmony as quickly as possible. Cancer is just such an event; it has manifested in parts of nature, in us and in our friends and so it could be seen as the current way nature is correcting itself in this or that person.
From a homoeopathic viewpoint we regard the cancerous manifestation as the best way of the affected individual to protect itself from worse kinds of suffering. For that reason classical homoeopaths will apply a similar (homoeos) suffering (pathos) in order to increase the correction or increase the protection in accordance with the laws of nature. This approach is in sharp contrast with the orthodox approach, which aims at the eradication of the growth, causing the eradication of the protection concurrently.
Cancer from a homoeopathic viewpoint starts well before the growth is apparent. The pathology already exists well before the slightest tissue change and may show traces of its existence through the way life is lived. Some of the expressions may include an overcautious approach to life, a life filled with worries and anxieties, a life filled with external demands and where the efforts are not appreciated and a life that focuses on other people's opinions and that tries to comply with society's expectations.
On the physical plane one could encounter small benign growths such as moles, but these physical signs may be absent for a long time. Overall one would have to regard cancer as the child of suppression; suppression from the expression of diseases in the form of suppressive therapies like anti-biotic, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-baby, etc. Surgeries also need to be mentioned as very effective suppressants to the expression of disease. This suppression also extends to mental and emotional aspects of existence, where generations comply and silently suffer instead of voicing dissatisfaction.
The classical homoeopathic approach to treatment would be to integrate the above understanding and find an energetic therapy that matches the symptoms as closely as possible. A well chosen homoeopathic remedy could be the answer that increases the protection, the corrective forces of nature and lifts the battle to higher grounds, i.e. to the energetic field of existence, rather than keeping it on tissue level where a malignant growth may cause severe consumption of the life force.

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