The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles. (Hahnemann)
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Emotional Disorder Treatment


Emotional disorders could be considered manmade. In order to successfully treat patients with these disorders one has to not only fully understand this disease but one needs to understand disease per se. From a classical homoeopathic perspective, one would have to agree with most aspects of the orthodox or mainstream way to classify emotional disorders, however one would have to disagree with the orthodox understanding of disease itself.
Homoeopathy embraces the fact that we as humans are an integrated part of nature. From a classical homoeopathic perspective, we as humans coexist as a part of nature in the respect that nothing that comes from nature or that is formed by nature is to be regarded as wrong, as aberrated, or as distorted and in need of fixing. This is the point where classical homoeopathy differs from the orthodox school of thought.
Emotional disorders are a direct result of successful suppression of disease. Once disease is pushed away from the physical plane without improving the driving forces behind it, disease has no choice as to manifest in the mind and the emotions. Pushing disease away from the mind and the emotions would lead to disease manifestations in a field higher to the mind and emotions. This is the scenario where human existence is challenged by human interference or where humans drive themselves out of existence. The origin of emotional disorders is found on a personal and collective level and include life style choices and therapeutic choices, possibly over many years or even over generations. Nature will always take a corrective course to undo wrong turns and align again with harmony. This corrective course can be seen on all levels of existence and probably environmental and societal events may be the most well known events to the reader. Nothing that nature brings forward needs correction, aberration or fixing. On the contrary, whatever nature brings forward needs to be understood as the current remedy of choice to regain harmony as quickly as possible.
Emotional disorders are just such events. They are an effort of nature to ensure a continuation of human existence. Emotional disorders are the best way of an affected individual to protect itself from worse kinds of suffering, at least from a homoeopathic viewpoint. For that reason a classical homoeopath will apply a similar (homoeos) suffering (pathos) in order to increase the correction or increase the protection, in accordance with the laws of nature. This approach is in sharp contrast with the orthodox approach, which aims at eradication of the emotional disorder, resulting concurrently in the eradication of the protection.
Overall one would have to regard emotional disorders as nature's last warning. Any suppression beyond this high order complaint may lead to human eradication. This could be in the form of suicide, killings, and movements of disease onto the genetic code, which renders humans infertile.
The approach to treatment would be to integrate the above understanding and find an energetic therapy that matches the symptoms as closely as possible. A well chosen homoeopathic remedy could be the answer that increases the protection, the corrective forces of nature and lifts the battle to higher grounds, i.e. to the energetic field of existence rather than keeping it on an emotional level.

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